The Ultimate Guide to Solar Panel Installations and Battery Storage

In these times of climate change, it isn’t surprising to learn that solar energy is growing fast in the US. In fact, studies show that there was a massive 25% increase in solar energy in 2021. So what is it that’s convincing people to make the change to solar panel installations? Read on to find out.

What are the Benefits of Solar Panel Installations?

First of all, what is solar energy? It’s the heat and light that comes from the sun’s rays and it’s actually a large part of what makes life on Earth possible. Initially invented in 1954, the solar panel has allowed us to harness this energy from the sun and use it to power our homes, factories, and much more.

By far the greatest benefit of installing solar panels is the positive impact it has on the Earth. Solar energy is green energy. That means it does not use planet-damaging, finite sources such as fossil fuels, but instead is clean with no emissions or waste products that can harm the Earth or its people.

Furthermore, it is – in essence – an unlimited power source! It is expected that the sun will continue shining for another five billion years. Unlike oil or natural gas which we know is running out fast, we can rely on the sun’s energy almost indefinitely.

And that’s not all. According to the International Energy Agency, solar energy is now the “cheapest… electricity in history”! With that as well as the versatility of solar panels and an ever-increasing worldwide temperature, solar panel installations are – rightly – taking center stage as the main players in energy today.

Battery Storage for Solar Panels

With the efficient technology today’s solar panels are equipped with, it’s possible to power your home, business, or organization entirely on the green energy harnessed from the sun. But what do you do at night when the sun isn’t shining? Or if your solar panels have harnessed more energy than you need at any given time?

That’s where battery storage comes in. Using a battery alongside your solar panels means any unused energy can be stored and not wasted. It can then be used as and when it’s needed. For example, at night. The other benefit to having a battery is the backup available if and when there is a power cut.

There are many battery storage options available with their advantages and disadvantages such as maintenance level and lifespan. With that in mind, the best thing to do is speak with professionals committed to renewable and sustainable energy. This will ensure you get the best option for your needs.

Make the Change to Green Energy Today

Follow in the tried and tested footsteps of millions of Americans before you and make the change to green energy with solar panel installations. Save the planet, save money, and save energy with Renewable Energy Partners, Inc. Get in touch now for a free quote!

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