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How Solar Panels Can Save Your Church Money

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Solar panels aren’t just good for the environment, they’re a good investment

As solar energy technology continues to rapidly develop and become more widely available as an alternative energy option, it is being adopted not just on roofs of residences, but on places of business – and worship – as well. As an added benefit, commercial solar panels can also go a long way towards saving your church a significant amount of money, monies that could be used for other great causes other than the giving money to the utility company.

A growing trend with major benefits

While churches admittedly cannot, as nonprofit organizations, take advantage of the tax incentives and breaks that often come with going solar, one method we often use is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement. This method requires no upfront installation cost, immediately lowering the church’s energy costs which then allows the church to use that saved money to do good in the community. At REP Solar, we unequivocally prove that solar panels save you money by highlighting case studies from some of our commercial clients. One of these clients was, in fact, a church that saved thirty-two thousand dollars on energy costs within the first year of installation, with a projected twenty-five-year estimation of almost a million and a half dollars saved. Imagine being able to put that money back into the church. It could be used for maintenance and updating other parts of the building, or for outreach and helping the community. Churches having commercial solar panels installed is a growing national trend,

Final word

REP Solar is a commercial solar company that cares about our Customers and backs it up with our record of accomplishment, which is why we do everything we can to make installing solar panels a feasible option, including options that you pay nothing upfront, so you can start saving immediately. So, give us a call today at 855-519-6633 to join the movement of churches becoming more environmentally sustainable and saving money on energy costs.

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