Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Are You A Viable Candidate For Solar Energy?

If you meet just a handful of criteria, you could be one of the many American homeowners who are viable candidates for going solar! In addition to owning your home, you should also pay more than $150 per month for your current energy usage. Your roof should also face either east, west or south, and the location where you would like to install panels should receive sunlight from morning (about 9 a.m.) until evening (4 p.m.).

Why Go Solar?

If you are a viable candidate, when you switch your home's power supply to solar energy with Renewable Energy Partners, everybody wins. Not only do solar energy users save money on their monthly bills-- by reducing our collective reliance on fossil fuels, they also help fight for clean skies in southern California and everywhere else. Solar energy allows you to avoid natural gas pipelines and other environmentally unfriendly practices that destroy habitats and communities. Simply put, it's a win-win situation.

Solar Energy Storage

By going partially or fully "off the grid" with solar energy, homeowners encounter a unique opportunity to stockpile energy in the case of a blackout or natural disaster. Instead of waiting on utility services to process and complete repairs, with solar energy battery storage, you can guarantee days of comfort and accessibility in your own home.

Solar energy storage also helps to economize your day-to-day energy spending. Utility companies have raised night-time energy prices to disadvantage solar energy users, but with a solar battery, you can store energy during the day and rely on the grid, only deploying your solar energy reserves at night when prices are higher.

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Paying For Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Partners accepts a variety of payment options. Depending on your circumstances, you could qualify for PACE program funding. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding is designed to incentivize homeowners to install eco-friendly home renovation projects, thereby reducing carbon emissions and demand for environmentally hazardous energy sources.

With this payment option, the government will provide a "loan" for your solar panels and you will pay back the cost through your annual property tax bill. Call Renewable Energy Partners today to schedule a free consultation and learn whether PACE funding is right for you, or to learn about our other flexible financing options.