Commercial Operations & Maintenance

Commercial Solar Operations & Maintenance

Solar Asset Management is something we do not take lightly. The following services come standard with every contract we sign. REP Solar's intent is to provide continuing operation and maintenance services for your commercial photovoltaic system. We also provide extended Factory Equipment technical support and liaison service using our proprietary knowledge, cutting-edge technology and highly experienced solar electric engineering staff.

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REP Solar Operations & Maintenance Program Highlights:

  • Annual preventative maintenance full system checks
  • Analyze Anomaly Alerts
  • 24 hour Response to Minimize
  • Economic Losses from Outages
  • Audit Energy Production to Actual Weather Files with Real Irradiance Data
  • Monitor Real-Time Data
  • Delve into Historic Data Trends
  • Review Atmospheric Conditions
  • Evaluate Network Voltage and Frequency
  • Optimize Performance
  • Inventory on Hand & Spare Parts Management
  • Supply In-Depth Performance Reports
  • Oversee Security Alerts and Monitoring
  • Coordinate and Perform Factory Warranty Repairs
  • Factory Equipment Warranty Liaison Representing Our Customers Interest's

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