Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Solar Panels

Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Solar Panels

Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Solar Panels - Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

By investing in commercial solar panels, your business could reduce operating costs, keep a set rate on your energy costs well into the future, and create positive business promotion by decreasing your company’s carbon footprint. Choose commercial solar panels, and create a brand that is not only friendly to your budget but also to the planet.

Your company can take advantage of the free sunshine to reduce energy costs by large amounts through the installation of commercial solar panels. Coast to Coast Solar will provide you with quality materials and professional service to ensure that your commercial solar panels last you a long time.

Appeal to Conscious Consumers

Consumers are looking to do what they can to move away from harmful consumption—your company could be on the side of progress while reducing your carbon footprint with commercial solar panels.

We know that commercial solar panels are a big investment for your company, but when you can begin to rebrand yourselves and promote your new solar panels, consumers will come. Through effective promotion, commercial solar panels can do more than just save you money on energy bills for many years to come—they can help you rebrand to stay modern as an environmentally conscious company.

Build your clientele with this important investment for your company, and watch how commercial solar panels boost your market appeal.

Final word

Coast to Coast Solar is ready to bring your company into a new market while cutting your energy bill, saving you money. Call today to learn about how commercial solar panels could be your best chance at a stronger, more appealing company: (949) 337-1950.

REP Solar Provides Continuous Management of Your Solar Panels

High Efficiency Solar Panel Inspection

With REP Solar, installation is just the beginning
One of the major benefits of making the switch to commercially-used solar power, apart from the obvious energy cost savings, is that solar panels have a significant longevity before they need any sort of major repairs, typically at least twenty-five years. Prior to that, they require very little maintenance once they are installed. In fact, you might forget they’re even there! However, we still cannot account for everything that could happen to your commercial solar panels once they are installed, which is why we have a range of solar asset management services that come standard with every commercial solar panel contract we take on.

Continuous top-notch service
Our job doesn’t end once the solar panels have been installed. On the contrary, our intent is to provide you and your business with continuous and ongoing access to our equipment technical support and solar electric engineering staff. What does this mean for you? It means yearly full system checks to provide preventative maintenance and make sure that everything is operating at optimum performance. It also means that we monitor real-time data trends that analyze any anomalies in your solar panels’ energy production, and audit the panels’ overall energy production to make sure it matches with your projected energy savings, which is part of our in-depth performance reports that we regularly supply to you. But it doesn’t end there. Our continuing management of your commercial solar panels also includes monitoring for any security alerts, providing 24-hour response to any outage issues to minimize any economic losses you might incur, and, in the case of any kind of damage, coordinating and performing factory warranty repairs. Your commercial solar panels are made to last you a long, long time, and at REP Solar, we do everything to ensure that they do.

Final word
So you can put to rest any worries you might have about the upkeep and management of your commercial solar panels with the knowledge that REP Solar has your back all the way, not just from design to installation but for everything after as well. Give us a call today at 855-519-6633 Ext 1001 to make the change and experience the massive energy savings of going solar.
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Go Green in 2017 with Solar Panels for Your Industrial Building

Solar Roof Industrial Warehouse Office

Why going green can help save you some green

While residential solar power adoption continues to grow at a steady rate, commercially-used solar power is not yet realizing its potential, despite the fact that going solar can save businesses and building owners a significant amount of money each year. Many businesses have not taken the time to understand the benefits of solar power and see only upfront cost with not much of an upside apart from being more “green.” However, between reducing a building’s operating costs, government incentives, and the considerably less amount of maintenance required, industrial businesses and buildings are essentially losing money by not switching to solar power.

What industrial businesses need to know

Industrial businesses might be under the impression that their buildings are not ideal for solar panel installation when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Industrial buildings are actually ideal for solar panels, as their roofs are mostly straightforward spaces without obstacles like chimneys or skylights, which can create issues with shade. The shallow pitch roof design of most industrial buildings also allows for potential installation on both east and west-facing roofs of the building. So what are the benefits? The most obvious one is the reduction of operating and energy costs. Whether you choose to pay for your panels upfront or lease them, the drop in your utility costs will not only pay for the system but, over time, continue to pay for itself ten times over. While solar panel installation can still seem costly at first, there are a number of both federal and state government incentives in place that work to help make the purchase of a solar-powered system much easier. For instance, businesses can take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which offers a thirty percent tax credit on the cost of solar panel installation, no matter how much it is. If you’re still not convinced, there’s also the fact that solar panels require virtually no maintenance to operate. They’re built to withstand the elements, whether it’s rain, snow or hail. Solar panel wear and tear happens in small increments over a long span of time, so you can expect to enjoy cheap, clean electricity for at least twenty-five years before some form of maintenance would be needed.

Final word

For industrial businesses not yet reaping the rewards of going to green, there’s never been a better time to make the change to solar power. And when you choose REP Solar for your installation, we guarantee that you pay nothing upfront, so you can start saving immediately. So give us a call today at 855-519-6633 Ext 1001 and make 2017 the year you go green.

Solar Roof Industrial Warehouse Office

How Solar Panels Can Save Your Church Money


Solar panels aren’t just good for the environment, they’re a good investment

As solar energy technology continues to rapidly develop and become more widely available as an alternative energy option, it is being adopted not just on roofs of residences, but on places of business – and worship – as well. As an added benefit, commercial solar panels can also go a long way towards saving your church a significant amount of money, monies that could be used for other great causes other than the giving money to the utility company.

A growing trend with major benefits

While churches admittedly cannot, as nonprofit organizations, take advantage of the tax incentives and breaks that often come with going solar, one method we often use is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement. This method requires no upfront installation cost, immediately lowering the church’s energy costs which then allows the church to use that saved money to do good in the community. At REP Solar, we unequivocally prove that solar panels save you money by highlighting case studies from some of our commercial clients. One of these clients was, in fact, a church that saved thirty-two thousand dollars on energy costs within the first year of installation, with a projected twenty-five-year estimation of almost a million and a half dollars saved. Imagine being able to put that money back into the church. It could be used for maintenance and updating other parts of the building, or for outreach and helping the community. Churches having commercial solar panels installed is a growing national trend,

Final word

REP Solar is a commercial solar company that cares about our Customers and backs it up with our record of accomplishment, which is why we do everything we can to make installing solar panels a feasible option, including options that you pay nothing upfront, so you can start saving immediately. So, give us a call today at 855-519-6633 to join the movement of churches becoming more environmentally sustainable and saving money on energy costs.