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Rancho Cucamonga, CA Manufacturing Plant outfitted with Solar Panels by Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

Project: Manufacturing Plant

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
1st year energy cost savings: $231,000
25 year energy cost savings: $8,060,000

House of Worship in Moreno Valley, CA featuring a Solar Panel Installation by Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

Project: House of Worship

Location: Moreno Valley, CA
1st year energy cost savings: $32,000
25 year energy cost savings: $1,406,000

Medical Device Manufacturer in Santa Ana, CA featuring a Solar Panel Installation by Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

Project: Medical Device Manufacturer

Location: Santa Ana, CA
1st year energy cost savings: $45,865
25 year energy cost savings: $2,140,000

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We are dedicated to the solar industry and to providing increased access to electricity generated from the sun. We consider the long-term value and effect of everything we do – for our employees, vendors, customers and society as a whole. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with various local, State and Federal incentives available for clean energy projects. We are experts in guiding our clients through the various rebates, grants, tax credits and other financial incentives that may be available to them.


At REP Solar, we realize that our partners and customers have different needs and wants. Building on decades of experience, commitment and results, we have the foresight and expertise required to meet the current and future demands of the solar industry. We optimize our specific skills and knowledge to create and improve our services: to effectively and efficiently generate electricity from the sun.


We build partnerships based on honesty, transparency and the open exchange of ideas and objectives. Our detail-oriented, straightforward approach gives us the confidence to provide the best products and services for our partners and customers. By clearly communicating detailed objectives, all perspectives and interests can be taken into account and the best overall solution found.

Solar Energy
For Businesses

REP Solar is committed to renewable energy and believes it is paramount to our country’s future economy and environment.

Commercial Solar Panel Development

Commercial Solar Installation Project


REP Solar is committed to renewable energy and believes it is paramount to our country’s future economy and environment.

Commercial Solar Panels San Diego

Why You Should Get Commercial Solar Panels by Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

Commercial Solar Panels

If you have a commercial business, and you have seen other businesses that have solar panel arrays out in front of their company, you might want to consider going in this direction yourself. Some of them will have rooftop solar panel arrays that are positioned in such a way that they can gather sunlight most of the day. The longer that the sunlight is able to strike the solar panels, specifically the photovoltaic cells, longer it will produce electricity. It is a natural process, one that was discovered years ago, allowing people to create free energy courtesy of the sun. Many people might wonder what the top reasons are for moving into solar energy. This article will address why solar energy is the wave of the future, and why you should obtain commercial solar panels by REP solar this year.

Why Is Solar Energy A Good Idea?

There are many reasons that people should consider using solar energy. First of all, it is the best choice for the environment. Most people today agree that global warming is a very real trend, one that is affecting our climate all over the world. There seems to be a general absence of the seasons, and extreme storms are becoming very normal. All of this is because of all of the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that is going into the atmosphere as a result of how we produce electricity and the way that we burn gasoline today.

Commercial Solar Panels Orange County

Solar Energy Is A Good Investment

As more people begin to realize that solar panels are going down in price, they will begin to invest in this type of energy resource. For example, it was very expensive 10 years ago to get solar panels that were not as good as the ones that they had today, but now you can purchase solar panel arrays that are very affordable and will also produce more electricity. This will also allow corporations that have enormous solar panel arrays to sell this electricity back to the electricity companies. The businesses that take advantage of solar energy as an investment are doing so for the long-term, making it possible for their company to earn more money from the savings that they will receive with a virtually nonexistent electricity bill.

Solar Systems Today Last Longer

Another problem that was very common with solar panels was their inability to last for more than a few years. Today, they are made with modern technology, making sure that they use the best materials that will last for a decade or more. It is very common for solar panels to last for around 30 years, which means you will receive free electricity after just a few years, the time that it takes to pay the loan off.

Earn Money With Solar Energy

It is also possible to earn money with solar panels. This was also not an option years ago. The efficiency of these solar panels and solar arrays makes it very easy for corporations, or even individuals, to sell back their extra electricity to the utility companies. They actually have specific to your solar panel may that act as a meter, and other devices that can transfer the electricity. It is all stored in batteries, and the electricity that you have generated can be stored and then transferred using this option.

Improve The Value Of Your Business

Companies that have a desire to improve the value of their business will most certainly invest in solar energy. This could cost a couple hundred thousand dollars to set everything up, and if a buyer comes along, part of the deal will be free electricity as a result of the solar panels that have been installed. This will make your business look more attractive, and you may be able to command a higher price.

How Long Can You Power Your Company With Solar Energy?

There is a misconception that solar panels only work during the daylight hours, and from that perspective, that is actually true. However, the electricity that they produce can be used 24-hours a day because you are going to generate it, and then store it, making it available to everyone at your business. There is no difference between the amount of energy that you will draw from these batteries when compared to electricity from the utility company. You will be able to handle large loads if the solar panel array is large enough, allowing you to save and earn money courtesy of your solar panel installation.

Why You Should Trust Commercial Solar Panels By Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

This is a business based in Corona, California, one that has a reputation for delivering excellent service. If you have a question about the services that they offer, they are always there to provide you with the information that you need. They are a company that is focused on making sure that other companies and corporations have access to the most solar electricity. Whether they create one array, or they cover an entire building complex on the top, this is something that they will be able to do every day. Sometimes people do not want to see the solar arrays out front, and that is why this company specializes in putting them on top of buildings. If they are out of sight, they will certainly be out of mind, especially out of the minds of those that will be your potential customers.

Commercial Solar Maintenance And Operations

This company has so many services, some of which are very unique, as well as extremely useful. They offer annual preventative maintenance on any solar panel array that they install, essentially doing a full system check. They are able to analyze the entire system for what they referred to as anomalies, ones that can compromise your ability to generate electricity. They have a 24-hour response team on staff, making sure that you can minimize your outages, and they can also do an audit on how much energy is really being created by the system. Sometimes people will go with a third-party because they do not trust the company that is doing the install. However, this is something that you will not have to do because this is a business that has a reputation for reliability, as well as the speed at which they can construct these solar arrays.

Commercial Solar Procurement And Construction Ideas

The reasons that people continue to recommend this company, as well as utilize them for other services, is because they have an excellent safety record. Not only will they not have an accident with one of their workers, but you can be 100% sure that they will always be aware of where you are, and where your employees are, so as to avoid any type of injury. They also follow the best practices for loading and unloading equipment, making sure that everything is staged correctly. They have flexible work hours which is very rare in any construction industry, making sure that they can work around your schedule. The quality of the workmanship will be phenomenal. This will include the solar panel arrays, any electrical components, as well as the wiring. They will follow critical path schedules, and make sure that everything is done to specifications to comply with the ordinances in your area.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Solar Panels Installed?

The time that it will take to actually install all of your solar panels, and also test the entire system, can vary depending upon the size of the building that they have to work with. If it is a single-story building and you are only using a handful of solar panels, this is probably an afternoon project. For people that have multiple warehouses where they will be installing thousands of different solar panels across the top, this could be a project that lasts several months at best. However, it will definitely be worth the wait because you will be able to generate free electricity from that point on using nothing but sunlight!

How To Verify That Things Are Working

The easiest way to verify that everything is working as stated is to help them walk you through how to read the meter. Some of them are constructed very differently, and often times it takes very good vision to actually see how much energy has been produced. This type of verification will show that the installation is actually generating electricity. Once you become accustomed to reading the meters and also selling back the electricity to the electric company, you will see how profitable this business can be. Best of all it will likely pay for itself in just a few short years.

Tips On What To Look For With Solar Panel Arrays

The solar panels that you decide on should be state-of-the-art. They should be known for producing as much electricity as possible. There are a couple of different types of solar panels that you can buy and have installed for you. These include monocrystalline which are the most expensive, as well as the most efficient, followed by polycrystalline solar panels. Although these are cheaper, you might actually make more money selling electricity back to a local company if you are able to use the highly effective polycrystalline style. After you have selected the solar panels that you want, and the business has decided to install them for you, you can look forward to many months or years of not having a electricity bill at all because it will all be made courtesy of the sun!

Questions To Ask Solar Panel Companies Like Renewable Energy Partners, Inc.

To make sure that you are working with the right company, and to also take advantage of the best deals that are available, there are so many questions that you need to ask. Most people will take a trip down to their local Home Depot, or similar hardware store, hoping to find some information on what they need to do next. In most cases, these businesses will not have solar panels that are in stock, which is why most people will shop out of town. However, if you do happen to be in Corona, California, the following questions will make sure that you get the best deal. Ask about how long they have been doing this type of business, and if they have proper licensing. You should ask to see examples of their company to make sure that they have done previous work before, and if it looks great, you can expect the same. Finally, make sure that you ask about the different types of solar panels that are being sold to make sure that you get the best and stay within your budget. The type of solar panels that are used on a commercial business need to be state-of-the-art and constantly producing electricity.

Setting Your Initial Appointment

After you have found a company that seems to be the right one, it’s time to set an appointment. If you have decided to work with REP solar, then you will not have to worry at all if the install was good or bad. This company tends to have quite a waiting list and you may have to book several months out in order to get an appointment. Once you have had one, this tends to move you to the top of the list so that competent employees working for this company can install your commercial solar panel system.

Solar energy is continuing to gain it is one of the best resources that we have on earth. Instead of affecting our environment in unnatural ways, such as with a large dam, we can simply use photovoltaic cells and sunlight to produce electricity. Although you will not have to do any research on this particular company because they have a reputation for doing excellent work, they should at least help you on what type of tires will work the best for you. Once they have arrived for your appointment, it will usually take the entire week to set all of the array is up. Remember to try to put this at the top of your building of possible. Solar arrays are not the most elegant energy producer on the planet. They are better suited for the top of homes and buildings allowing them to get as much exposure to sunlight as possible. After you have them stop, and the company has run through several tests, you will know if your solar panel array is fully set up and operational, allowing you to not only use electricity but sell it back for a profit.
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